It doesn't matter to the search engines how good your page looks, it's what's underneath that makes the difference. You could submit your site 100 times, and never get any results if you fail to prepare your site before you submit.

"I didn't realize there was so much involved in getting ranked high in the search engines. But you were right! After you tuned up and submitted my site, there I was, right in the top 20! Thanks!"


That's why we're here. We can fine tune your web pages to make them search engine savvy. We provide a complete evaluation and overhaul of your site to make it as effective as it can be, WITHOUT CHANGING THE APPEARANCE OF YOUR SITE! Order Now!


Our $49.95 Tune Up gives you all this:

  • Title optimization--The title is one of the most important parts of your web page. We will optimize your title to make it as effective as possible.
  • META description--This is the description that search engines use to rank and describe your site. We will craft an effective description for your site.
  • META keywords--These keywords are used to categorize your site and determine what search terms your site comes up under. We will create or optimize your meta tags to emphasize the keywords that are most important to you.
  • ALT tag optimization--We will create ALT tags for all images on your page and optimize them for the proper keyword density.
  • Keyword Density Check--Each search engine has an optimum keyword density that causes your site to score higher or lower. We will determine and optimize the keyword density in your page for the greatest effectiveness.
  • Link popularity check--Many search engines rank you based on the number of sites that link to yours. We'll tell you how many of those there are and suggest ways to improve your link popularity.
  • Dead link check--We'll check your page for broken or dead links and give suggestions for fixing them.
  • Evaluate HTML code for errors or suggestions--We'll check your HTML andmake sure that everything is in order and is search engine savvy.
  • Load time evaluation-- Evaluates how long it takes your site to load and offers suggestions on how to improve the load times, and lose less visitors.
  • Graphics optimization check--Evaluates all images on your site for whether they can and should be compressed more, and gives recommendations based on our findings. (We offer a separate image optimization service for an additional $2.00/image)
  • Spelling check--Spelling errors can make the difference in scoring high in your category or missing completely. We'll spell check your site, and tell you if there are any errors.
  • If you don't know how, we can also teach you how to FTP the optimized web pages directly to your site for an additional $15.00

We give you all these services for just $49.95 per page. Order a Search Engine Tune Up Now and we can have your site optimized and ready to submit to the search engines in 24 hours!

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