2 Submit was started in 1998 as a means to provide QUALITY search engine submission services to discriminating webmasters. There are plenty of companies out there that claim to submit to "thousands of search engines", but few are aware that it's not the quantity, but the quality of the search engine submission that matters, and the preparation is just as important as the submission.


After several years in the site submission business, we set out to create a service that focuses on things that actually help bring traffic to a website. We wanted to take the time to prepare sites for submission, and share our expertise with site owners so that they were squeezing the most traffic out of the search engines possible.

"Of the thousands of search engines and directories on the internet, 98% percent of search engine traffic is generated by only the top 8. Therefore, any time or money spent increasing your position in one of those 8 engines is worth far more than the effort spent submitting to the thousands of others."

If you are ranked 125th in any search engine, you may as well not be in it at all, because most people never look beyond the first five pages of search results. By taking a little more time and concentrating on the search engines that really matter, we help you to come up ahead of your competition where it matters most.

To complement our top notch search engine services, we have also added several other services which we believe can greatly increase your site's exposure, such as site mirroring, site translation, and banner/email advertising.

We also offer complete optimization packages, for webmasters who are willing to invest a little extra upfront in a complete promotion suite, knowing that the investment will pay for itself time and time again in increased traffic.



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